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Services & Expertise


Onset&Associates Limited is synonymous with Nigeria Construction/Real Estate business. Bringing all of the forces to bear that the powerful International Engineering/Real Estate network can offer.

We work to secure optimal results, all the while providing the uniquely personal service and single-minded focus that only an independent firm can ensure. We answer to no one but you, our client.

We offer plethora of products and services in the construction,real estate market and we are growing to become one of the top engineering/real estate development and management firms in Nigeria and West Africa. Our Estates offer and opportunity to become a landlord in a secured and friendly environment, bringing you close to nature and all the beautiful things of life.

Some of the many significant benefits we provide to our clients include:

An intimate knowledge in the planning,designing and the construction of a uniquely designed engineering structures.

An intimate knowledge of the local marketplace, far beyond that which is typically available and unparalleled reputation for complete discretion integrity beyond measure

An impressive range and depth of experience among our team, and a sales force with the highest per agent production in Nigeria year after year
Photography and advertising, both print and electronic, that surpasses all others in both quality and global reach

Critical understanding of the importance of the “point of sale” experience, and the skill and training to show any property at its most appealing